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Monday, October 23, 2017

Who we are
Cruz FM is a privately owned station set up within its catchment area. It is registered at the National Communications Authority with the name “Nyansasem Radio” and currently operating from its base in Akomadan on 96.9Fm and covers several communities in the north eastern border of Ashanti and Brong Ahafo Regions. There are over 130 communities within its catchment area and the major towns include; Akomadan, Asuoso, Abofour, Nkwaankwaa, Asempanaye, Kobreso, Darso, Techiman, Nkenkaasu, Afrancho, Tanoso, Tuobodom, Wenchi, Bechem, Techimantia, Hansua, Nkoransa, Berekum, Chiraa, Kintampo, Sunyani etc. People within its catchment area are of the same cultural background.

To be a development oriented network with programs reflecting the needs and priorities of the listeners around its footprint.


Cruz FM exists “to educate, entertain and unite communities for development.” In broader terms Cruz FM’s mission is to be: (a) an avenue for the free flow of beneficial information that will uplift the plight of the people in our catchment communities. (b) a voice for communities to address local issues be it social, cultural, political or spiritual. (c) a catalyst for social, political, moral and cultural development. (d) a vehicle for promoting harmony among all community members and sectors.

The objectives of the Cruz FM are to:
•    Primarily focus on community development by  encouraging participatory community development  and also encouraging innovation in community development;
•     promote active involvement of underprivileged groups such as women, the aged, children, the disabled etc;
•    Give a voice to the people who normally have no access to the mass media nor opportunity to express their views on community issues.
•    Increase the free flow of accurate and balanced information to, and within, the community;
•    Provide a forum for local social and cultural expression; and improve people’s access to information in local languages.
•    Addressing the social ills such as problems of education, unemployment, poverty, lack of entertainment, tribalism, and abuse of human rights in communities within its broadcasting footprint.

Language and Coverage area
Cruz Fm broadcast content with in three languages. Seventy percent (80%) of our content is in Akan, Twenty five percent (15%) is in English and the remaining Five percent (5%) in minority languages. The commercial radio’s coverage area is 65 km radius and we are on air each day and close at 12:00 midnight and starts transmission at 4:00am dawn.