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Monday, October 23, 2017

Some pupils of Abeka ‘Two’ JHS of the Fadama Cluster of Schools in Accra have accused their Science Teacher of always fondling their genitals.

The science tutor, Isaac Adjei aka ‘Sir Adjei’ is rumored to be gay, has also been accused of sodomising other pupils.
The students who spoke to Atinka News on condition of anonymity, said 'Sir Adjei' invites some of their colleagues into his house and unleash sexual assault on them .
"He even massages our penises at the staff common room," one of the pupils revealed.
“Some former pupils warned us about the teacher’s behaviour. I’m also a victim; he once touched and fondled my penis and said it was too small. He also keeps inviting some pupils to his house but I have declined his invitations,” another student told this reporter.
The Chairman of the Parent Teacher Association ( PTA), Rev. Richard Bassel, told Atinka News that, he had received so many complaints about the teacher’s deviant behavior and that officials were looking into the matter.
Sources close to the school said officials of the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT), PTA representatives, school authorities and the accused teacher were locked up in a marathon meeting over the matter on Wednesday .
Sir Adjei’s conduct has been a matter of concern to students for several months but he flatly denied the allegation when the authoties queried him sometime back according to our source . “He explained to the school authorities that his hands accidentally touch their genitals when canning them,” the source revealed.
Officials of GNAT are expected to release their findings by Friday.


Source :Atinka FM