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Friday, September 22, 2017

Jorbies Financial Services Ltd in Swedru in the Central Region has sought to right some wrongs being peddled in media circles.

In a statement signed by lawyers of the company, sought to clarify the fact that the company which was incorporated in 2008 has been licensed by the banking supervision department of the Bank of Ghana. It is left to pay less than 80 customers who did ‘Susu’ with their microfinance in 2013.
The statement also indicated that, amount owed to these customers is not GHS300,000.00 as was carried by the media to just ruin reputations of the microfinance company but rather ,customers indebtedness to Jorbies Micro-Finance Ltd. at Swedru and its surrounding villages amounts to over GHS300,000.00 . 

Below is the full statement:


We act as Solicitors for and on behalf of Jorbies Financial Services
Ltd. We have been instructed to bring to your attention certain
factual inaccuracies which in recent weeks have sought to denigrate
the integrity of our Client albeit unsuccessful.
As a result we write to right the wrongs imputed to our client whose
sublime integrity is known to you.
1.      We recap below

i.      Jorbies has been operating as a financial services Institution
since 2008 and it is licensed by the Banking supervision department of
the Bank of Ghana, the Industry’s regulator.
ii.     List of customers left for Jorbies to pay is less than 80
customers who did ‘Susu’ in 2013.
iii.    Amount owed to these customers is not GHS300,000.00 rather it is
the fact that customers indebtedness to Jorbies Micro-Finance Ltd. at
Swedru and its surrounding villages amounts to over GHS300,000.00
which said amount has been twisted by some media house to impugn on
the hard won reputation of Jorbies.
iv.     It is on verifiable records that Jorbies has halted its Susu
collection operations in 2013 and this was announced in January 2014.
See Ghana News Agency Publication of 28th January 2014.
v.      Since the change of operations Jorbies has refunded GHS498, 928.63
to a total of 2349 customers. This assertion is also verifiable to
curious minds.
vi.     Regrettably a motley collection of some customers are those making
unsubstantiated claims to denigrate our operations. The total amount
regarding this group of customers is a “PALTRY” GHS25, 000.00 or less.
vii.    A long List of Loan Defaulters and Loan Customers who would like
to pay but are unable to pay because of this avoidable impasse still
stand in our books and painfully remain unpaid.
viii.   We are also aware of a News report tracing its source to the
Ghana News Agency that Jorbies has paid GHS18, 000 out of GHS300,
000.00. This statement is not only factually incorrect but a
calculated attempt to give a dog a bad name and hang it. It is again
the verifiable truth that Rather Customers owe Jorbies over GHS
300,000.00. The GHS18,000.00 as mentioned in the said report was what
Jorbies SPENT in paying off majority of those identified including
other incidental expenses.  We submit that if the said Reporter had
contacted us about the figures he put out, he would rather have
commended Jorbies for showing good faith. We recognize human
fallibility on the part of Journalists in their work and we are
prepared to forgive them if they render an apology in that regard.
ix.     Jorbies indebtedness to Savers at Swedru is now less than GHS7,000.00

2.      That our Client operates from several towns in Ghana including the
Swedru Branch from which an avoidable rumpus occurred.

3.      That the Swedru Branch was operating from a rented Apartment which
was renovated at great expense to match our ever growing image as the
first among equals.

4.      That under a subsisting agreement, the incurred cost of Renovation
was captured as part of the terms of the Tenancy agreement.

5.      That contrary to the subsisting terms of the AGREEMENT our Client’s
Landlord unilaterally packed the office equipment computers, E.C.G.
vending Machines, Safe, Desk, Counting Machines, Air Conditioners,
Chairs and most importantly Loan files, to an unknown place, even
though our rent has not expired.

6.      Those Efforts to locate the items proved futile as he does not heed
to our calls for a meeting to find out the cause of his action and to
collect our items. This obviously led to loss of contact with our
large clientele base that have deposits with us but could not have
access to the locked premises of the Company.

7.      That as a result of Our Client’s Landlord’s intransigence, we
received firm instructions to institute action at the Swedru High
Court for breach of contract, Trespass and damages.

8.      That during the pendency of the suit and closure of the office
accommodation our clients unaware of the difficulties naturally became
agitated and sought to think that they have been swindled.

9.      That for inexplicable reasons some thugs (non customers) have
resorted to harassing our staff at Swedru leading to the withdrawal of
our staff to our Head Office at Kaneshie in Accra. The worst was to
come on the 16th March, 2016 when without provocation our Managing
Director was physically attacked at the premises of the Swedru High
Court after he had Testified in the matter (supra).

10.     Recent events and the refund of their deposits have allayed their
fears as the company prepares for a grand reentry into the financial
market at Swedru.

11.     That our firm instruction has been that our Landlord organized
those thugs to disrupt activities at the said Swedru Branch and turn
round to say that our clients want to burn down his House from where
we operate.

12.     Even more surprising the Landlord has not reported the alleged act
of criminality to the police for investigation and possible

13.     Recent events have confirmed our suspicion that some of the
persons had taken loans and have taken cover under the disturbances to
avoid repayments for which we shall resort to the courts of Law to
assert our rights.

14.     That with assistance of the Radio announcement those we owe now
come to our Head Office to collect the amounts due them.

It is our client’s firm resolve to pursue the case to the letter for
justice to prevail and wish to assure prospective clients and partners
that we shall not relent on their quest to maintain the highest
integrity which we have built over the years. The vision of Jorbies to
maintain the utmost fidelity remains unwavering.

Thank you.

We remain.

….. Signed ….


Lawyers for Jorbies Micro-Finance Ltd.
Reginald Niibi Ayi-Bonte